VR is for Ad-V-entu-R-e: A Florida Story

I am not a trendsetting techventurer, but this last weekend I aimed to become one. Last Thursday, I wrote an article about the dilemma of having to make decisions about virtual reality gaming without first testing it. I wrote that article a few weeks back when I was planning a trip to central Florida to… Continue reading VR is for Ad-V-entu-R-e: A Florida Story


The VR Dilemma

I am not a trendsetting techventurer. I do not have the scars to prove that I live on the edge. I am not exactly a vanilla homebody either, but finances are tight. I believe in the potential of Virtual Reality gaming, but I have yet to test that faith. Do I go all-in? Do I… Continue reading The VR Dilemma

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth (PS4, 2016)

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth stands as one of my favorite games of all time. It has surpassed the original, a game I also loved, in every conceivable way. I favor playing Rebirth on my Playstation 4 (the controls are better and my bed is more comfortable than any office chair). When the first ever expansion… Continue reading Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth (PS4, 2016)

Mighty No. 9 (PS4, 2016)

Mighty No. 9 has to be one of the most challenging video games I have ever tried to review. When it launched late last month, it was received with the most venom I have seen for a game in a long time. I am included in that bunch. Not only was the game delayed multiple times, but… Continue reading Mighty No. 9 (PS4, 2016)

Why I Cook

When it comes to hobbies, cooking is one of my favorites. Nearly every day, I cook, but I do it for more than just providing a meal for myself and my family. I enjoy everything about cooking. From the prep work to the act itself. I love learning about new ingredients or new techniques and… Continue reading Why I Cook

Leap of Fate (PC, 2016)

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth reigns as one of my favorite games of all time. Its predecessor, and games like FTL, made me a fan of roguelikes for life. While I do not seek out roguelikes all the time, I always have an eye open for new ones to try. After hearing about Leap of Fate,… Continue reading Leap of Fate (PC, 2016)

More Plus Infinity: Female Characters So Far …

If the Hugo Award is important to me, then how do I get my head around the lack of female representation in the first three Hugo Award-winning Best Novels? Do I excuse it (products of their era)? Do I write frantically in anger about it? Do I agree with it? Thus far, I have read… Continue reading More Plus Infinity: Female Characters So Far …