Growing Up Online

Everything you say, everything you do, everything you consume, and everything you pretend to be matters. This applies when you are home alone in your underwear or in your front yard still in your underwear or surfing the internet anonymously still surprisingly in your underwear. None of us exist in a vacuum. Whether we choose… Continue reading Growing Up Online


Why I Cook

When it comes to hobbies, cooking is one of my favorites. Nearly every day, I cook, but I do it for more than just providing a meal for myself and my family. I enjoy everything about cooking. From the prep work to the act itself. I love learning about new ingredients or new techniques and… Continue reading Why I Cook

A Slightly Fictionalized, Completely Honest Review of a Restaurant I Patroned

Diane and I decided to try some place different. We love Thai food and have been in search of a good restaurant here in Tallahassee. We decided to give Reangthai Thai Restaurant a try. The music. The scariest thing about this music is that it takes you a while to realize you are hearing it… Continue reading A Slightly Fictionalized, Completely Honest Review of a Restaurant I Patroned

Gamers Press Continue (Special June 1st Ed.)

June 1st is my only brother's birthday. Since he passed away a few years ago, I celebrate it each year by eating Chinese food (his favorite). I thought this year I'd also honor him by posting a remixed version of a post from my old blog. I enjoyed writing it at the time; truthfully, it… Continue reading Gamers Press Continue (Special June 1st Ed.)

Reviewing Ourselves to Death

I want to believe that there are objective ways to judge art. I want to believe that some experiences are objectively good, especially when those experiences reflect real talent, incredible creativity, and honest inspiration. Whether it is a classic game, a well-read book, or some other celebrated medium of expression, does not matter, because I… Continue reading Reviewing Ourselves to Death

On Pimento Cheese

Growing up in the Southern United States,¬†Pimento Cheese¬†was always something I avoided as a kid. It contained mayonnaise (lots!), smelled funny, and had a creamy-chewy texture that no child would find pleasant. It's also often served cold, which further disgusted me as a kid. What can I say? I was a picky eater. But that… Continue reading On Pimento Cheese