Thoughts on Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4, 2017)

  • Horizon’s biggest achievement is a story that is a) interesting, b) totally justifies robot dinosaurs, and c) makes me want to revisit this setting again and again (though maybe not this precise location).
  • I loved fighting robot dinosaurs, but there weren’t enough of them. I also would’ve appreciated some more variety to their fighting styles.
  • I’d drop some of the survival elements for more RPG ones. I would’ve loved more weapon and armor stats to play with.
  • Mounted dinosaur combat needs to be a bigger focus.
  • Next to Breath of the Wild, climbing on preordained paths really sucked for this kind of game. I hope they revisit the platforming and puzzles next time around to make them more interesting.
  • I didn’t really care for any of the characters, including the lead.
  • Even with the post-credit tease, I am excited for a sequel, but only if the plot opens up more. I would really like a sequel without a central villain(s) that instead focuses on restoring the world despite certain evils in it.
  • The Platinum Trophy was well-designed. I never felt frustrated. The majority of the trophies coincided with my interest in exploring anyway.

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