The Political Machine 2016 (PC, 2016)


The Political Machine is back for an all-new release in 2016. I am personally a big fan of the series, but if you’ve played them before then you must play …

Oh hell, who am I kidding? It’s the exact same game only “updated” to reflect the current race for President in the United States. There may be some slight mechanical differences, but The Political Machine 2016 is the equivalent of purchasing a roster update in a sports game at full price.

It’s probably worth it if you haven’t played one before, or if you want to have “dream races” like the one I once posted about on my old blog. I’ve reposted it below for all to see (again)


It is the Environmentalist versus the Post-Environmentalist.

It is Mr Green versus Mr Glowing Green.

It is Al Gore versus Vault Boy.

In my first customized match of The Political Machine 2012 (which also happened to be my first game, so I was admittedly rusty), I played the Republican candidate Vault Boy versus the Democrat Al Gore.  Vault Boy is a Pro-Military candidate that loves Alternative Energy (mainly to fuel his Energy Weapon skill).  He opposes Big Government because in the Wasteland there is no such thing.  He hates Gun Control, and thinks more Capital Punishment is the better solution to stopping crime.  And like any good American, he is a big proponent of videogame violence.  After all, how else will the kids learn to use their father’s assault rifle before they get into the military?

While typically charismatic, Vault Boy made the dire mistake on Barry King of admitting his serious fondness for spanking.  Spankgate caused far too uptight American voters to be turned off by the way Vault Boy gets turned on, and his gun-loving base started leaving him for a candidate who actually appreciated socially-acceptable Traditional Values.

In the end, Al Gore just had too many bottle caps for Vault Boy to even compete.  In this campaign of two future Americas, Gore’s platform of alternative energy, green jobs, and the environment presented an optimistic outlook of America’s future as a world leader.

Vault Boy’s future America represented a somewhat different view, one where the environment was greener (from radiation), the alternative energy was stronger (and heavily militarized), and you had the freedom to shoot any mutant walking.

In the end, America went against everything the country is known for.


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  1. There’s something poetic about the way you’ve responded to them releasing basically the same game by releasing basically the same blog post.

    Love the ending.

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