More Plus Infinity: An Introduction

Earlier in October, I was going through a bit of a crisis. Any blog reading I did was for MMOGames and even then I was just speedreading. Once that stopped, I stopped doing even that much. Eventually, my own writing dried up as I had fewer and fewer things to say, or I wanted to do something else instead. Balancing work, life, and writing isn’t easy. I wanted to make it easier by focusing in on one thing and just doing that really well.

That’s where More Plus Infinity was originally born. I wanted to create an all-new blog entirely and wholly dedicated to my lifelong goal of reading every Hugo Award-winning novel ever. I knew that doing so would lock me into 5+ years of reading. I knew writing weekly updates on books I was reading would take me away from writing about games almost entirely. That didn’t matter: all that did was writing, doing it weekly, and having some since of control over what I’d write about.

I got as far as buying the URL, but the more I tried to setup a new website, the idea began to sour more and more for me. I loved the premise, but a whole new blog? Was that really necessary? And focusing so intently on this project? Would I be able to?

My life has begun to normalize somewhat, so I think I am finding a new equilibrium. Rather than channel everything I have into a new venture and only one project, I’ve managed to redirect those energies back to Murf Versus. Rather than abandon this blog or the things I’ve already been writing about, I am going to do my best to marry the two ideas together.

What does the name mean?

My introduction to the Hugo Award and to science fiction of all kinds came from Alfred Bester. His two great novels were the reason I fell in love with scifi, continued being a voracious reader, and cared about Hugo Awards in the first place.

In his opening to The Demolished Man, the first ever novel to win a Hugo Award, he wrote this:

In the endless universe there is nothing new, nothing different. What may appear exceptional to the minute mind of man may be inevitable to the infinite Eye of God. This strange second in life, that unusual event, those remarkable coincidences of environment, opportunity, and encounter … all may be reproduced over and over on the planet of a sun whose galaxy revolves once in two hundred million years and has revolved nine times already.

There are and have been worlds and cultures without end, each nursing the proud illusion that it is unique in space and time. There have been men without number suffering from the same megalomania; men who imagined themselves unique, irreplaceable, irreproducible. There will be more … more plus infinity. This is the story of such a time and such a man …

Who can’t relate to that sort of cynical apathy? I may not be going on a space opera adventure, but I can definitely relate to feeling like a repeated track on a record that has long worn out most of its grooves. It’ll keep spinning though and I’ll keep shrieking when the needle touches me.

More Plus Infinity is an opportunity for me to explore and re-explore an entire sub-genre/culture of books. It’s a chance for me to read more, and finally commit to reading those books I always intended to finish. It’s also a feature in which I can flex my literary muscle a bit and talk about something I love very deeply: science fiction.



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  1. I think it was a good choice to not reinvent and start a new blog. I see so many people get stuck in the concept that their blog has to serve a specific audience and stay themed. That will be the case for some people and we lose some readers by not staying focused, but most of my traffic comes from keyword searches anyway. So I say, write what inspires you whether it is game related or not (so say we all?).

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    1. So say we all. I have never understood the reasoning behind having a separate blog for each niche (unless you are trying to make money off it, of course) – it is a headache to maintain several blogs, it is a headache to have to prioritise which blog you are going to give attention to, and it is a headache for readers who are invested in the writer rather than the topic/niche.

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    2. I’m the same way. I tried starting a separate blog and it ended up neglected and abandoned but I left the one I do out there and one person, 99% Gaming (who doesn’t seem to post anymore) liked something on the page I left open…it brought me back. Now I write for me and if others stop in or get me on a keyword…great. There is a message and many messengers. Each of us writers won’t reach everyone but I believe we reach, send the message that’s needed, to exactly who needs it and right on time. I’ll look forward to your new venue of interest!

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  2. The cool thing about the history of Hugo awards is that each future winner takes pieces from a previous one. The golden age is amazing in that how those authors came up with their ideas. Today’s novels are significant refinement on those ideas, with a bit of current affairs thrown in.

    You’re giving me an itch dammit!

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  3. Great idea! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of those incredible novels. Personally, I’m glad you’re adding the topic to this blog – I hate having to update my RSS feeds…too lazy.

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