Destiny made me stop believing in fatalism.

Bungie and Activion’s big bet goes live next week and I am not excited at all. I wish I was because I am one of the biggest Halo fans I know – I even read a few of the books! Yet, the Alpha for Destiny didn’t amaze me, and the more I think about it, the more turned off by Destiny I become.

That’s a problem. For a long time, I was as close to a Bungie fanboy as you can get without going completely over the line. I bought the Xbox 360 twice to play Halo games, and I have put countless hours into the series. I love MMORPGs even more. If I had the number for the amount of hours I have spent playing MMORPGS, I wouldn’t tell you it: I’d be too embarrassed.

But when you combine the two, I get similar vibes to The Elder Scrolls Online where I just feel like someone is missing the point. Yes, Destiny is a new IP which looks absolutely gorgeous; it may even transcend its really dull story. Will it be as fun or replayable as Halo? Will the AI blow me away, especially when vehicles and large open areas get thrown in? Will I fall in love with the multiplayer?

I don’t believe that MMO flavorings are necessarily antithetical to the charms of the Halo series, but I don’t think they add anything compelling either. Large combat zones with strangers means that my ability to outwit and outmaneuver my enemy isn’t up to just me. The game’s first dungeon felt like a one-and-done adventure for me, especially when compared to running various levels in Halo with different skulls turned on (modifiers that radically changed how things played). Standard MMO leveling and looting only add inconvenient gating, not meaningful progression.

I get why many of you are excited. This is Bungie, for crying out loud: they are one of the better developers still around. Plus, its a FPS that’s all about playing with friends, so much so that it’ll force you to make friends to experience everything (raid-equivalent content doesn’t have matchmaking).

I’m just not feeling it. This game went from a solid reason to buy a Playstation 4 to a ‘wait-and-see’. Considering the romance that Bungie and have had together, that’s quite the fall from grace. I thought this was meant to be, but apparently fate changes when free will intervenes.

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  1. I get the feeling that many entities that make design decisions believe that taking a profitable idea and “making it MMO” is akin to taking it to the next level. I think we saw with Sim City before that the intentions behind this mindset is more based around justification for DRM than it is around making games more fun.

    Massively Multiplayer is thrown around way too often, especially when it’s used to describe games with fewer players than an average lobby FPS, such as battlefield. Was Battlefield 2 a MMO? Then why is a game that doesn’t have 128 simultaneous players being called one?

    Uh, also butts.


  2. I actually bought a PS4 just because of this game because like you I loved me some Halo and am a Bungie fan. I played a little bit of the beta and found it pretty fun but I found the voice acting of Peter Dinklage to be pretty dull. I do question myself why I bought it since I suck so bad at FPS and typically do not enjoy the online community of consoles.

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