Trigger Happy: A Kill La Kill Postmortem

Trigger’s first original television anime, Kill La Kill, recently concluded its run. In case you are unaware, Trigger was founded in part by the series director for Gurren Lagann, one of my favorite anime of all time. Though not as good, Kill La Kill managed to up the zany and weird factor to new highs. It was batshit insane and I loved every minute of it.

Of course, it was no where near the legendary Gurren Lagann. On occasion, I still watch that show’s final battle scenes (on the movie retelling of the series because it is stunning in HD). Nothing gets me excited to be a human being than a bunch of giant-eyed, half-naked people shouting about making the impossible possible or never giving in to other people’s limitations. It’s a must-watch show for ALL of humanity.

In contrast, Kill La Kill was more focused on the humor more than anything else. Often, it worked, especially if I could get past the typical Japanese fanservice and just laugh. The character designs were amazing. The story at times was touching. Overall, it worked a lot better than I thought it would (I felt it slowed down a lot in the middle). Kill La Kill will never be as big as Gurren Lagann, but it was a fair attempt that made me even more excited for Trigger’s future.

It also left a hole in my heart that only more Trigger could fill. Assuming they might have something I hadn’t seen yet, I did some digging. I found two incredible things to watch.

The first is Little Witch Academia. It’s an anime short (just a single episode) that was released in 2013. The best way to describe it is to imagine Harry Potter with an all-female cast presented in a subdued anime sort of way. Unlike Trigger’s other ventures, this one is surprisingly tame and worth a watch for people who don’t even like anime. It isn’t overwrought with fanservice, there aren’t lengthy speeches or episode-long powering up sequences. It’s a pleasant story about idols and fitting in.

I was shocked how much I loved it. I didn’t know enough to have high expectations going in, but it was a surprise all the same. It is beautiful, I love the art, and even in the span of a single episode, the characters were fun. I’m really happy that a second episode has been Kickstarted already!

The second one is different. Much different. At the same time, it’s a lot closer to Trigger’s brand than Little Witch Academia. It’s an entire series of two minutes plus shorts called Inferno Cop. It’s made on the extreme cheap (characters are re-used, there is minimal animation, etc.) which only added to the humor for me.

It’s incredibly insane. It isn’t for everyone. I watch every second and laughed all the way through.

I don’t know what is up next for Trigger, but I am excited. I’ll be impatiently waiting and probably squee as loud as anyone when something concrete is announced. Until then, row row fight the power.


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  1. KLK wasn’t my jazz, but I really enjoy their other stuff (especially capslock Inferno Cop). Fyi, their next project is an adaptation of Inou-Battle, a relatively subculturey light novel series ostensibly about high school students who either have useless superpowers or superpowers that they don’t use because there are no evil organizations to fight. Either way, seems like premise they could have a lot of zany fun with.


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